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Kishaadi is for wedding couple’s and families who are looking for a creative way to create online presence of their wedding.

Our prices are listed here, However there is always a free version of kishaadi invite card which you can share with friends and family.

You. Choose design , add details and bammm!!! your wedding presence is in minutes. However, for now due less bots we are doing them manually.

Of-course, your loved one’s are going to love this amazing present. You can order it for them and enter their communication details. We  will take care of rest. 

If you wish too, you can subscribe the renewal for as long as want. However your data will no go anywhere and we will ask before taking any action with it. 

We are working on bringing this feature. Ask our support they surely might help with it.

No. We have various combinations of easy to remember domains which make sure that you have the name you need.

Currently it takes around 24 hrs after you fill in your wedding details to publish your wedding website.

Yes, Why not ? It could have been great if this site was on your wedding card , but still you can share them on social media and also can host marriage media with smart cloud.

We never reveal set of published website or never index them on search engine. So, only the people who know the address can find it. You may also choose to have OTP protected site.

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