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Make Your Wedding Website

Get a beautiful personalized wedding website designed exclusively for you 


Put your best wedding photoshoots on display.

Unique Domain Name

Personalized kishaadi domain name that signifies your unique bond.

Customized Design

Choose from thousands of themes based on your taste.


Beautifully organize photos in various forms.

RSVP Forms

Hear from your family and friends.


Give your guests a peek into the lives of the wedding families.


Your wedding website looks great on any device you choose.

Background Music

Add your favourite ambience in the background


A countdown timer for your wedding day as it comes closer.

Template Suggester*

Unify wedding design recommended by AI

Send e-Invitations to relatives and friends.

Create e-invitation cards that show a lot more than dates and venue.

Designed Invitations

Get your invitation cards made based on your personal preferences.

Multiple Channels*

Share your e-Invitation cards on all major social media platforms.


Get instant follow-ups from your guests as soon as they receive the invitations.

E-mail Invites

Send formal invites to your loved ones in a specially-designed email.

Guest List*

Make your guest list in the easiest way possible.

Personalised Invites*

Differently Designed for every guest

Speech Synthesised invites*

Invites that talk with guest

Share Memories.

With Advanced AI Integration, we tag your friends and family in photos and make it accessible to them anytime, anywhere.


Share photos and media with your friends and family with ease.

Social Sharing*

Share Photos automatically on your social Media

Photo Tagging*

Advanced AI integration tags your guests automatically into photos for worry-free sharing.


Photos uploaded live on cloud

Store Your Memories Online Safely.

Give your memories a secure storage space online so that you can access them anytime without worrying about its safety.

Media Archives

Store as many photos and media you want on your personal space online.


With privacy as our foremost concern, your media is safe in our hands,forever.

All-time access

Access your precious memories anytime anywhere.

Organized Gallery

All your photos and media in a neatly arranged manner.

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